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I am a multi-disciplinary artist that uses symbolism and recognizable forms to convey vulnerability and strength. My studio becomes a laboratory for experimenting with dirt, clay, shells seaweed, found objects, used textiles and repurposed papers, which I then build into pieces or create installations with. I enjoy manipulating any kind of material that speaks to me. The material takes on role of protagonist. Some examples are: paper dresses, shoes made of lavender, dirt or tree bark, hats of algae, ephemeral shell or seaweed installations. I am intrigued by the act of creation as a human necessity and as a means of reconstructing our relationship to Nature. The organic cycles of life, death, growth, and change lend themselves to my interest in repair; everything outside of the manmade world I recycle, reuse, and share. In this manner my work highlights the need for sustainable resources, materials, and systems as well as our return to a positive relationship with the world around us. Making art or tapping into the creative source allows me to find myself but also lose myself.



2020     La Institució Dins Meu, Femart, Ca la Dona, Barcelona
2020     Witches and Crafters, Galeria Contrast, Barcelona
2019      Arts Santa Monica, Kronos, Barcelona
2018      China Art/Shangyuan Museum/Beijing/China
2016      Arte Próxima/ArtProper, Centre d´Artesania Catalunya,Barcelona,Spain
2015      Symphony of Hunger: digesting Fluxus in four movements

                AplusA Venice, Italy
2014      FemArt, Ca la Dona, Barcelona(Premio FemArt 2014)
2014      ArtFad, Barcelona,Spain
2014      De la Natura al Paper, Museu Moli de Paper Capellades,
2014      Outside-Inside, Mitte, Barcelona, Spain
2013      Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2013      DrapArt CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
2013      Peninsulares, Guimarães, Portugal
2013      ArtFad, Barcelona, Spain
2013      Scope, Basel, Basel, Switzerland
2013      konvent, Ca Rosal, Berga, Spain
2012      Alumni Art Show, S.U.N.Y., Oneonta, N.Y
2012      Femart, Ca la Dona, Barcelona
2012      ArtFad, Barcelona, Spain
2012      Scope Basel, Basel , Switzerland
2012      Scope New York, N.Y.C
2011       Scope Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
2011       Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto , Canada
2011       Toronto School of Art , Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010      Art Miami, Miami Florida
2010      East Meets West ,Gallery DeNovo
2010       Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2009      The Art of the Print, Gallery De Novo, Ketchum, Idaho
2009      Group Show, Textured Paintings, Gallery De Novo, Ketchum, Idaho

2006      Surface, Renee George Gallery, Charlotte, NC


2021      Leave Me With You, State University at Oneonta,

               Martin-Mullen Gallery

2019      Deep I Walked Into Her Belly, Galería Contrast, Barcelona, Spain

2019      Curiosities Conjugated in the Feminine, La_Huipilista Artspace,

                San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2018      Ritual, Sky Moon Gallery 798, Beijing, China

2018      The Bird in Me Wants to Sing, La Huipilista_Artspace, Mexico

2017       Unconventional Routines, Akasha Space, Shanghai, China

2015       Tell Me Your Story, Ca la Dona, Barcelona, Spain

2013       Herstory, Galería Contrast, Barcelona, Spain

2013       Paz Interior, Salon Se, Barcelona, Spain

2011        Language of Layers, Gallery DeNovo, Ketchum, ID

2010      Alquímia de Respiraciò, Galería Contrast, Barcelona, Spain

2009     Relflections, Sargadelos Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2008     Conjugating Nature, Gallery DeNovo, Ketchum, ID

2008     Project Women: La Rectoria, S. Pere de Vilamajor, Barcelona



2020     Tantas Imaxes, #4, Cuaderno Visual, CuboVigo

2015       Symphony of Hunger:the fifth movement, September Collective

2015       Artista Multidisciplinaria, Arte Al Limite, Marcos Kramer, January

2013       A la Derecha, por Perico Pastor, La Vanguardia, November 27, 2013 2012       Dialogues with Rumi, MyPublisher, N.Y.

2010      Barcelona´s Artistic Side, L. A., Times, Rosemary McClure

2008     See the Body Electric, Idaho Mountain Express, Sabina Plasse

2002     Women Becoming Poems, A Santa Fe Anthology Of Women’s Voices 2001      Spirited Wanderings, Lena Bartula, Northern Michigan Northern                            Michigan University, August 2001

2020     Saint Petersburg Artist Residency, (virtual), Russia

2019      StoneOvenhouse, Artist in Resident, Rora, Italy

2018      Selected for Shangyuan Museum Residency, Beijing, China

2018      Artist in Resident , La Huipilista_Artspace, Mexico

2017      Selected Artist in Resident, Bordallo Pinheiro Factory, Portugal

2016      Selected for Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China 

2014      Premio FemArt 2014, Ca la Dona, Barcelona, Spain

2013      Premio de Plata, ARTFAD, Barcelona, Spain 2011 Artist in Residence,                   Toronto School of Art

2000    Selected For Art Section In U.S. West Directory

1990      Artist’s Space, Artist’s Funds, New York, NY

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