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My installations are large-scale, mixed-media constructions, often designed for a specific place or for a temporary period of time. They are usually meant
to create a feeling or solicit an experience more than just look at straight on as in a painting or print. For example, seaweed configurations on the beach,
shells forming figures in the sand, a long snake-like figure covered with loose pigment to walk around.

Poetic Actions

A poetic action for me is a spontaneous action in which I play with material (objects, words, etc.) intuitively and with an experimental approach. It involves an action taken depending on the environment, the material, and the thoughts that cross my mind at the moment. Sometimes I might have a general idea but it is not explicit until I begin and enter a space or material. Some examples are: Sitting or walking on the beach and taking seaweed and shells to create a composition on my body, writing a poem on my body and reading it to an audience that doesn’t speak my language; interacting with a material and using it in a non-traditional way such as covering a snake-shaped floor piece I created with loose pigment, touching it, staining my fingers and changing the piece by making a new mark on it. I find a lot of joy in not planning how I want something to be.

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